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11th CNC Operator Training Completed at IUS Life

On Thursday, August 4, 2017, on the premises of Architecture Lab of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), one more CNC Operator Training was successfully completed. This training session lasted 6 weeks and included a short theoretical introduction, practical training in software, joint and individual practical work on CNC machine and CO2 Laser. This time seven participants from various towns of BiH completed the training and were awarded certificates. This is the 11th group for CNC Operator Training organized By IUS Life and taught by Adnan Škulj, expert in practice. As always, we thank him for his dedication.

Some of the participants shared their experience with us. Alem Brka from Zenica said: "This was really valuable experience and training is very beneficial. I think we have learned a lot and the best of all is that the focus was on practical training. I thank the instructor and the organizers of the CNC educational program."

Adnan Dagoja from Bugojno told us: "I think that after this training, I will be able to work on the CNC machines independently. The training was really good and we learned a lot about the advantages of using CNC machines."

The IUS Life CNC Operator Course remains one of the most successful programs organized by our lifelong learning center and continues particularly to attract unemployed population.

The next group starts on September 16, 2017. All interested candidates can contact IUS Life on 033 957 188 or via email