About Us

Since its foundation in 2003, the International University of Sarajevo has been involved in the academic development of the region, and as a part of the importance it gives to the “lifelong learning” ethos, has set-up the IUS Life – Lifelong Learning Center to share its decade-long experience with people from all stages and walks of life.

Beginning with the 2013-2014 Academic Year, IUS Life – Lifelong Learning Center aims to help personal and professional development of the public through educational programs for the public and private sector companiesinternational organizations and persons as well as private citizens. Educational programs, courses, seminars and conferences will be organized on national and international levels to this end.

As one of the main functions of all universities is to educate the public of the region and the country that it works in, IUS, with this awareness in mind, seeks to make the continuous development idea into a lifestyle.

In order to create a better-trained workforce and to contribute to the economy of Bosnia-Herzegovina, various vocational training and professional development programs, personal development, foreign languages and computer literacy courses, certificate programs and seminars will be held by the IUS Life – Lifelong Learning Center. Especially through the non-profit vocational programs, IUS wishes to enhance the spirit of entrepreneurship, to open new avenues for business. To this end, IUS Life will work in cooperation with all public and private sector companies, and international bodies.