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IUS LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER organizes ONLINE Renewable Energy Training
Renewable Energy Training
A comprehensive training program in Renewable Energy technologies, Photo-Voltaic, and Solar heaters.
The training program has two parts, the theory part will be given online by the IUS professor, Dr. Mohamed E. Yahia.
The workshop part will be given by Eng. Nesib Mandzic Electro Test Co.) at the company premises in Vogošća.
A "Certificate of Attendance" from the International University of Sarajevo with the Elektro-Test company will be awarded by the end of the training program.

The full program:
Active Solar Systems: Photovoltaic Devices (12 hours)
1st Day: Dr. Mohamed E. Yahia, IUS (online): Theoretical basis for the Active Solar Systems (4 hours)

2nd Day: Eng. Nesib Mandzic, Elektro-Test co. (Practical): Active Solar Systems:

The Main Parts of the Solar Panel (2 hours)
How to connect a Solar Panel complete System (2 hours).
3rd Day: Eng. Nesib Mandzic, Elektro-Test co.

On-grid/off-grid Solar System connections and operations (2 hours)
How to install a standard Solar system from A-Z (2 hours)

Passive Solar Systems: Solar Collectors (9 hours)
4th Day: Dr. Mohamed E. Yahia, IUS (Online): Theoretical Basis for the solar collector Systems (4 hours)
5th Day: Eng. Nesib Mandzic, Elektro-Test co. (Practical) : Collector Solar Systems:
Market Types of vacuum-tube collectors. (1 hour)
How to connect a solar collector system. (1 hour)
How to install a Solar collector system from A-Z (1 hour)

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Date: 1st - 5th December.
Duration: 21 hours
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Fee: 250 KM

21 hours
10:00 - 14:00
Last Registration
30 November, 2020
250,00 KM