New Course

Content of the course is to identify the guiding principles for effectively using Excel, present the effective way to use the basic excel screen with formulas. Also, we will try to present the principles and train the skills for data validation, data cleanse u using value cleansing and text functions. Effective use of logical Excel statements to solve practical problems using logic statements. Introduction to the pivot tables and solving a problem using pivot tables. Introduction to financial formulas in Excel, statistical formulas.

The goals of the course are to present advanced techniques and features of MS Excel used for Data Analysis. It is addressed to those who need to clean and prepare complex data, present reports and charts. It will help also all those who use MS Excel on the regular basis, or beginners, to improve their efficiency and understanding of inner functionalities of the tool. The course will help them to improve their skills and knowledge working all alone on the topics of their interest.

5 weeks, 15 hours
wednesdays 17.00 - 20.00
Feb 22, 2017
Last Registration
Feb 22, 2017
150.00 BAM