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AI Furniture Design Course!
The primary objective of the AI Furniture Design course is to provide students with comprehensive training in leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) tools and workflows for creating innovative furniture designs.
Upon completion, students should be able to:
Understand AI in Furniture Design:
Grasp the fundamental concepts of AI and its applications in furniture design.

Explore how AI can enhance creativity, efficiency, and sustainability in the design process.
Master AI Tools for 3D Modeling:
Navigate 3D modeling software tailored for furniture design.
Create intricate 3D models that incorporate ergonomic considerations, aesthetics, and functional elements.
.Advanced Visualization Techniques:
Utilize AI algorithms to generate photorealistic renderings and animations of furniture designs.
Documentation and Annotation:
Develop professional-quality documentation sets for furniture designs.
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24 hours - 6 weeks
18:00-20:00 Tuesdays, 11:30-13:30 Sundays
7/05/2024 - 16/06/2024
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600,00 KM