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Fiber Optic School has finished: Students gained practical knowledge in this field

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, the final exams and certification for students of the Fiber optic school were held in the premises of the IUS Life centre for lifelong learning at International University of Sarajevo. The education in the past six weeks was realized in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of East Sarajevo (ETF) and companies Micom d.o.o. and Optikum d.o.o.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo (ETF) and International University of Sarajevo (IUS), together with representatives of the industry, Micom d.o.o. and Optikum d.o.o., recognized the trends of cooperation with the industry in the field of fiber-optic communications through the training of employees in the economy.

In the world of modern communications, it is necessary to invest not only in infrastructure and new technologies but also in human resources. Therefore, there is a constant need for improvement through different types of education; courses, seminars, schools of optics, etc.

Vice-Dean for teaching at ETF, Dr. Božidar Popović told us:

"We want to emphasize that the second course of the Optic school has been successfully completed. The most important thing for us is that the course participants are satisfied with the knowledge and the skills they have mastered and with the professionalism of the lecturers involved in the teaching process. We use this opportunity to announce that the second cycle of Fiber optic school is planned to be held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of East Sarajevo in the last quarter of 2018”.

This extremely valuable program was attended by candidates from the field of telecommunication technologies from several BH companies.

Kenan Čišija, one of the participants, shared his opinion on the Optic School: "The professors were really professional, they did their best, the IUS provided us the infrastructure, and we worked with the most modern equipment. Our group was smaller so we had time for questions and, of course, practical work. I think we had enough of theoretical lessons, but there should still be more of practical work. I think that the time designated to operate the equipment was insufficient considering the amount and importance of practical training. We all came with some previous knowledge so this program was sufficient for us, but we also acquired new knowledge and skills”. We thank ETF professors Nataša Popović, Mirjana Maksimović and Darko Šuka and IUS FENS professor Emir Karamehmedović.

We are especially thankful to Aldin Camović and Dragan Mićić, representatives of Micom d.o.o. and Optikum d.o.o on the provided equipment and professional work with the students.

Information on the new cycle of the Optic School and online registration will be available soon on the page of IUS Life centre for lifelong learning.