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Educational Project of TİKA and IUS Completed: 28 Participants Received Certificates

Source: Anadolu Agency

Free “Microcontrollers” and” Solidworks – 3D Modelling” courses, held from August 1 to September 15, 2017 at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), were successfully completed by 28 participants who were today awarded with certificates.

The courses were jointly organized by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and IUS Life – Lifelong learning center.

The goal of these courses was to train participants for independent work, work from home, to work in the industry and increase their income. It was open for general public, but, in the words of Mirsada Mehremić, Assistant to Director of IUS Life center, they especially wanted to encourage people such as unemployed, and physically challenged, to register and complete the courses.

“The courses were organized with support of TİKA. We started on August 1, and finished on September 15. The courses had 200 teaching hours, and took six weeks to complete. The courses were in fields of Microcontrollers and Solidworks. We focused on the unemployed population. A great number of applied participants do not have stable jobs, and we believe that we are helping them become more competitive in the job market” said Mehremić.

The course was attended, apart from the IUS students, by students of other universities in Sarajevo.

“We had a great demand, and total of 28 participants finished the training, which means that they passed the final testing this week.” Mehremić added.

Dr. Tahsin Erkan Türe, IUS Rector, said that TİKA representatives came in spring with a suggestion for this project, which started to be implemented this summer.

“We are here today to see the fruits of our labor. I am sure that everyone understand the value of this project”, said Dr. Türe in his address.

He reminded the audience that, currently, students from more than 50 countries are studying at IUS, and are being taught by lecturers coming from 20 different countries.

Ömer Faruk Alımcı, coordinator of TİKA for Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that friendly country BiH is very important for the institution.

He also said that TİKA has been operating in BiH for more than two decades.

“We conduct activities for more than 20 years now, taking into consideration the needs of BiH population. Apart from restoring cultural, religious and historical monuments, we have until now signed for more then 80 projects. Education is among the most important sectors in terms of cooperation.” said Alımcı.

He added that technology is changing so rapidly nowadays, and that this was the reason why the courses were suggested to the IUS.

A successful course participant, Harun Muhić, who is a sophomore student of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, thinks that the course was very useful.

"Nowadays, it is necessary for young people to learn coding. Apart from that, I learned things which I need for my studies of Electrical Engineering. I think there should be more courses like this, especially courses that are related to programming” said Muhić.

The languages of instruction were English and Turkish.