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CNC Operater Course Successfully Completed

On Thursday, May 20, 2017, on the premises of Architecture Lab at the International University of Sarajevo, the CNC Operator Training was successfully completed. The training was 6 weeks long and included a short theoretical introduction, practical training in software, joint and individual practical work on CNC machine and CO2 Laser. This time four participants from various towns in BiH completed the training and were awarded certificates. This is the 10th group for CNC Operator Training. As usual, it was held by instructor Adnan Škulj, expert in practice. We would like to use this opportunity to thank him for his dedication.

Some of the participants shared their experience with us: "I have graduated from the Faculty of Economy of University of Sarajevo, and at first sight it was strange for me to participate in a technical program such as CNC operater course. However, a man cannot know what is in front of him during his career, so I said 'Why not?' and enrolled this course.", said Mr. Muvedet Hurem.

"I have learner a lot. I had already finished some education in AutoCad and 3ds Max, but this was something new for me, especially the practical part. Everything was very well organized." said Mr. Goran Markovinovic.

"The program was A+! I am an IT programmer, so I had some knowledge about the topic to be covered. But the practical part was crucial.", said Mr. Denis Cizmedzic.

The IUS Life CNC Operater Course is one of the most successful programs organized by IUS Life, directly contributing to the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For the past 4 years, more than 60 young people from all over the country has successfully finished this practical course.

The next group starts in June, and you can call us for more details at 033 957 188 or email to