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CNC course successfully completed

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, on the premises of Architecture Lab at the International University of Sarajevo, another CNC Operator Training was successfully completed.
The training took 6 weeks and included a short theoretical introduction, practical training in software, joint and individual practical work on CNC machine and CO2 Laser.
The group of 10 participants completed the training and were awarded certificates. The CNC Operator Training was held by instructor Adnan Škulj, expert in practice. We would like to use this opportunity to thank him for his hard work. The participants were awarded their certificates by the Dean of IUS Faculty of Business and Administration, Prof. Dr. Sencer Yeralan.

Mr. Tarik Tiro, shared his experience with us: "I knew literally nothing about work on CNC machines before this course. Now I think I have a good basis to move on and develop myself into a very good professional. My future plans include starting a professional career in Sweden, and I think this practical knowledge will be very helpful".

Adisa Dvoženić, a Mechanical Engineerig student said: "I am a student at Facyulty of Mechanical Engineering at Sarajevo university. I had no practical experience before this program. It was only the first lesson when we had a theoretical introduction to the machine and to software to be used. All later lessons were heavily concentrated on our practical work: operating machines, preparing suitable parts and tools, coding and cutting. Our instructor Mr. Skulj, was really of great help, first in showing us how to fulfill tasks and later in pushing us to work totally independently. I think this program will be of great benefit for my future career".

The upcoming CNC Operator Training will start on October 31, 2017. To apply, you can call 033 957 188, or send email to, or register on this link