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Another successful CNC Operater Training

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, on the premises of Architecture Lab at the International University of Sarajevo, another CNC Operator Training was successfully completed. The training was 6 weeks long and included a short theoretical introduction, practical training in software, joint and individual practical work on CNC machine and CO2 Laser. Seven participants completed the training and were awarded certificates. The ninth CNC Operator Training was held by instructor Adnan Škulj, expert in practice. We would like to use this opportunity to thank him for his dedication.

One of the participants was Mr. Damir Pavičić, who shared with us his impressions about the training: “It was my personal pleasure to meet instructor Adnan Škulj and to attend his classes. I had an opportunity to get acquainted with a different field of interest, which I had no previous experience with. Although the theory of it sounded interesting to me, the lecturer made sure that practical part meets these expectations. The training was indeed interesting, and I had to opportunity to really learn something which was for me new and interesting. It motivated me to continue to educate myself in that field. I was particularly impressed with the fact that instructor Škulj showed his willingness to be at our disposal and help us in further education, which has proven the fact that the goal of this course it to really educate participants. I wish you to continue with your quality work and be sure that I will recommend this course to others.”

The upcoming CNC Operator Training will be tenth, and it will start on April 4, 2017. To apply, you can call 033 957 188, or send email to, or register on this link