25 Jan 2019

Seminar Introduction to Thermography - seeing things invisible to the human eye

On 23/01/2019 IUS Life and Micom d.o.o. organized another seminar: Introduction to the Thermography - seeing things invisible to human eye.
The participants of this seminar were representatives of the company Granulo RE, Sarajevo

10 Jan 2019

CNC operater/programmer training completed

Another training for CNC Operator / Programmer Completed!
During 50 hours of training program participants from Travnik, Sarajevo, Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Bugojno, Tarcina, Pale and Breza, have gained new knowledge and skills.
Congratulations to all!

05 Jan 2019

Bosnian Laguage Course - Level A2.2 completed...

Congratulations to the Famous Four! Level A2.2 completed! Ann, Katie,Chris and Jeremy, thank you for learning Bosnian with us!
Majda, thank you for being an awesome Teacher!
Happy New 2019!
IUS Life