05 May 2020

Webinar "Business in the Time of Corona and What After?"

Webinar "Business in the Time of Corona and What After?" held on May 5th, 2020. The lecturer was a guest from Zagreb, Ivana Radic.

The IUS Lifelong Learning center hosted a free webinar that was attended by 14 participants from Zagreb, Zadar, Banja Luka, Labin and other cities in the region.
We talked about the new situation caused by the COVID 19 pandemic and the negative effects on the economy and especially on privately owned small and medium-sized enterprises. The pandemic brought about circumstances that became "new normal" and imposed new adjustments, a new way of doing business, setting other priorities, working from home, etc.
Establishing crisis teams, maintaining contacts with clients, effective communication, creating new products and services, assessing business risks are some of the tips that we could hear from Ivana Radic.
IUS Life thanks all participants, Mrs. Radic, and invite all interested in upcoming educational programs.