11 Jul 2020

Mobiliteach - Online Summer School #INTERVETWB#

Professor Aleksandar Simic, from Technical High School "Mihajlo Pupin", Bjeljina participated in Mobiliteache - Summer School and shared with us his impressions of this event;

"First of all, I would like to thank to all for the experience gain during this seminar.
At first, I was a little worried about how I would cope with using English, but it turned out that I wasn't that bad either.
The seminar itself was well designed, it was not strenuous, the workshops we did not require knowledge of abstract things so I did them with enthusiasm. When I applied for this Mobility in the Teaching program, I did not know at all (nor anyone from my environment) what that term represents, but the mentors made me understand in a simple way and through various examples (and workshops). I especially liked the fact that we formed new groups for workshops every day, so I met many colleagues from my closer region and from all over Europe. I especially liked sharing experiences with all of them. Through several workshops, I saw differences in the perceptions of us peoples from the Balkans and participants who are not from the Balkans. This is where the intercultural dimension of this seminar comes to the fore, which was one of the goals.
I found additional benefits for myself in the programs and sites that we used during the seminar because in the future I will use them in the realization of my teaching. The moderators and lecturers at the seminar tried to make the seminar as interesting as possible and they succeeded. Despite being online, it allowed us to communicate directly and the moderators left no one deprived of saying what they wanted at the time.
I also realized how important it would be for our students to get the opportunity to participate in the Mobility in Teaching project and I will try to animate the management of my school to be actively involved in this project.
As for me personally, this whole concept is very interesting to me and I will gladly accept participation in some future projects."
Prof. Aleksandar Simic