28 Jan 2020

Dropshipping Academy at IUS Life

Saturday, January 25, 2020 IUS Life - Lifelong Learning Center and Marketing Agency
organized a Drop-shipping Academy.
The lecturer was a guest from Serbia, Milos Vasic an expert in this business model, which is becoming more current in our region.
Although everything seems a little complicated, our guest explained that this job can be started by people who have no previous experience, but education is must be on the first place.
During the one-day lecture, Milos spoke about the backbone of the drop-shipping; opening your own web shop and then he showed the attendees on his own computer how to create and set up an online shop, how to do advertisements on social networks, and actually how to reach first customers. Vasic shared his experiences and tips related to investing in promotion, product selection, branding, etc.
The lecture attracted young people who are already engaged in drop-shopping but also those who are planning to start their own online store. There is still a lot of unknowns in drop-shipping business and IUS Life, in cooperation with its partners, will continue to organize educational programs and meetings with experts in these and related fields