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Attachment and Psychotherapy & Dyslexia Seminar

On 8 and 9 May 2013 we organized a seminar on attachment and dyslexia with Veronika Išpanovic - Radojkovic MD, Ph. D.
Consultant in Child Neuropsychiatry and a full Professor of Neuropshychiatry and Child Neuropshychiatry at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation.

The seminar offered an understanding of Bowlby’s attachment theory and its implications for forming of social relationships across the life span (childhood, adolescence and adulthood). An introduction tointerventions using the attachment theory (individual group psychotherapy, family therapy) was also presented.

The seminar provided in depth analysis on developmental neurocognitive dyslexia including its neuropsychological bases, clinical presentation, assessment and treatment
methods. Certifcates were awarded at the end of the seminar.